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  Click image to open expanded view EricX Light Long Life Fiberglass Replacement Tiki Torch Wick - 12 Piece - 0.5 by 9.85 Inch
Length:9.85 Inch Diameter:1/2 Inch, Round Fiberglass Wicks Fits Most Bamboo And Metal Torches, Ou..
Ex Tax: $7.45
2 PCS 1/2 Inch X 6 Inch Ferrocerium Rod Flint Fire Starter by EricX light
EXTRA LARGE. Length: 6"(152.4mm); Diameter: 1/2 inch. Pack of two, super value pack with unbeatab..
Ex Tax: $16.95
EriCraft Artificial Snow,8 Liters, 9.2 oz, Plastic Snow for Decoration and Handcraft
√ Looks like REAL snow!!! √ Environmental plastic, non-toxic material. √ Perfect for Christ..
Ex Tax: $12.95
EricX Light Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Kit 4 Pack
Wine Bottle Tiki Torch wicks Kit: Perfect for garden lighting, tiki bar, or outdoor lighting W..
Ex Tax: $12.95
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